Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review

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Air fryers have been one of the greatest inventions that were introduced in the cooking industry. With this kitchen appliance, cooking methods like frying are now made easier, requiring less time of your presence in the kitchen while doing so. It truly is a wonderful and worthy addition to your kitchen wares, even though these may be quite an investment for some. To save money, however, there are models that offer these at a more affordable price, with the same features, just with the absence of a big brand. You just have to be wise on what you buy and take consideration of the things that you can do with it or if your kitchen really requires the features that the air fryer model is offering.This is why you should consider this Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review.

An air fryer cooks in such a way that hot air is circulated around the food in high speed through its mechanical fan, in its whole interior, also with the use of little to no amount of oil. This method will make your food preparation healthier, with excess fats getting rid of, guaranteeing you the crisp you’d want your food to have at the same time. As this appliance starts to boom in the industry, companies also start producing models of this, having different features for multiple preferences of cooks and enthusiasts.

To showcase you more things about air fryers, here’s Avalon Bay Air Fryer, AB-AirFryer 100B

Avalon Bay Air Fryer, AB-AirFryer 100BAvalon Bay Air Fryer Review

The Avalon Bay brand isn’t that popular and not advertised that much, however, the brand has been building up a nice reputation. One of its best products is the AB-Airfryer 100B.

The fryer can hold a food capacity of 3.3 quarts and can do food preparations without requiring too much oil. It can also do more than just frying as this can also be used for frying, grilling, and even baking, scoring pretty high when it comes to functionality. You can also choose the color of your preferences as the model comes in 3 different colors: blue, white and red.

The cooker promotes convenience, with its icons on the top to provide you an easy-to-understand reference. You can also see and check on the cooking time and the temperature of the unit. The temperature can also be adjusted from 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit also has a countdown timer that notifies you with a sound as soon as the cooking process is done and the fryer will also automatically shut down, thereafter.

The air fryer comes with the dual rack, which provides you a larger cooking capacity, and a deep baking pan, which is ideal to use when cooking methods such as stir-frying and baking. The unit also has a small recipe book where you can check out more dishes to try out with your air fryer.


  • Save money with this model as it’s less expensive than most brands.
  • It’s an easy way to clean it up, with its dishwasher-friendly accessories.
  • The unit is also pretty convenient to use.


  • The unit comes in a large size that may take up space on your kitchen counter.


Through the sea of air fryers under known brands, Avalon Bay is making a reputation with its very own AB-AirFryer 100B. Come and check it out and see for yourself!

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