GoWise GW22621 vs GW22611

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With the growth of the cooking industry, driven by technological advancements, people have developed an innovative device that will let you prepare food in a much healthier way. The air fryer is the answer to cooking food that uses too much oil, leading to an unhealthy and flavor-lacking meal. This kitchen appliance cooks food through high speed hot air circulation with its mechanical fan. Not only can you easily cook meat, potatoes and poultry with an air fryer, you can also use to bake or even grill. This GoWise GW22621 vs GW22611 review will help you make a decision if you have any doubts which one to get.

GoWISE USA is one of the leading companies that offer the best air fryers in the market. Among their lines of products, two stand at a small range of price, with each having different features to offer. These two are the GoWISE GW22611 and the GoWISE 22621. To give you an overview on what these two have in store for you, here’s a short review about each.

GoWISE GW22611

This is a really known model under the brand, and what it offers prove why.

The GW22611 fryer comes with a digital interface where you may easily set the fryer according to your preferred settings and monitor the cooking process that your meal is undergoing. This feature makes it really easy to use, giving way for more upcoming food preparations. It also has 8 presets that you can choose from so that you can make sure that the food is cooked properly.

For the additional adjustability, this model allows you to set the temperature. This is where some air fryers fall short as they only offer a fixed temperature, which may be too low, or too high for certain food preparations. With the fryer’s temperature adjustability, variations of food that require different temperature can be easily prepared. This air fryer model also provides a moderate interior capacity of up to 3.2 Quarts, which is an ideal size for a family of three. To top it all off, this costs lesser than competing air fryers.

GoWISE GW22621

This one is known for its functionality and satisfying physical design. Its sleek design makes it stand out among other air fryer models.

Like the GW22611, the GW22621 also has a digital interface that makes it easy to cook with. It also has multiple temperature controls that let you set its temperature according to the food’s requirement. This model also provides a capacity of 3.2 Quarts, which is the size of a standard air fryer.

Slightly lying back from the previous GoWISE model, this one only offers 7 presets that you can choose from, with just a touch of a fingertip. The convenience of GW22621 will surely make you feel more attached to cooking than ever.


While the GoWISE models seem to be just the same, small differences still set them apart. An example of this is the difference of the physical design between the two. They also differ in terms of functionality as GW22611 offers about 8 presets while the latter only offers 7. When it comes to the pricing, the GW22611 comes a bit cheaper than GW22621, making it a great choice for budget-concerned users.

Even though the two air fryer models vary due to some factors, you and your preferences are still the ones to decide which one will be of great use on your hands.

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