Power Air Fryer Oven Plus Review

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As time passes air fryers become more popular, better as well as more high-tech and versatile. We can all agree that the air fryer is the best innovation that needs to be on every counter-top in every kitchen. It gives an alternative to all other cooking methods and all other kitchen appliances. The only difference is how healthy is the food cooked. In this segment the air fryer beats any other appliance. Foods prepared in an air fryer are generally healthier having less excess fat and less calories. Air Fryers can get expensive for some people but they are definitely worth it since you can prepare a whole meal with complex ingredients in a short time and you won’t sacrifice the taste. Cooking in an air fryer requires almost no oil. If you are interested in buying a new air fryer you can stay on this page and read this Power Air Fryer Oven Plus Review.

What is new about the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus?

After reading the name you realize that this is an air fryer and an oven in one. So you can actually cook anything is long as it doesn’t contain too much water or it is not a liquid.There are preset functions for most common cooking situations but you can also set time and temperature manually. They are very well marked using food symbols that you can identify by the food you are cooking at that moment which makes this air fryer very user friendly.

Like other air fryers, the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus requires very little or no oil to prepare your food and you can use the dehydrator functionality to make healthy sugar-free snacks out of any fruit.

What is unique is the oven style design with a door that opens to reveal the cooking area opposite to what we are used to and that is the basket style drawer that you have to remove to put food in. What this unique air fryer design allows is more different kinds of accessories that you can place inside like racks, trays, baskets as well as rotisserie tools. This allows you to cook more food at one time or cook in different ways with different settings to get a lot of different results.

Now this is a air fryer that gets all kinds of reviews. It is interesting to mention that the customers that have bought the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus have very divided opinions. One third of them love this appliance opposite to another third that don’t find it useful or its too complicated and expected something simpler.

The biggest problem that people face when they use the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus is the cleaning. Many find it difficult and challenging because of the oven style design. However, all air fryers have some kind of internal section where a drawer sits and where all the hot air circulates. This has to be wiped and cleaned right after cooking with safety precautions. All other parts like the stainless steal baskets, racks and trays can be washed in a dish washer which makes this a fairy easy to clean unit.


  • Versatile and easy to use for every day cooking. It can prepare almost all kinds of meals except stews, soups and other liquid dishes.
  • From unpacking to serving your first meal, this is a very easy and simple process. Easy to use and straight forward. Of course we are not taking under consideration complexity of the recipes, different techniques required to cook complex dishes or preparation that require some culinary skills.
  • The food tastes great and gets amazing texture. Programming is correct and the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus works as advertised. If you don’t make a mistake it will produce a lovely cooked food.


  • Most of the cons are connected to reliability of this appliance. First one is the rotation of the basket. For some of the users that bought the Power Air Fryer Oven Plus the basket stops rotating after a while or rotates a lot slower than at the begging.
  • Second one is internal fan. This fan is used to blow the hot air into the cooking area and make the air circulate which is essentially how air fryers cook the food. The ‘con’ which fairly good amount of people are complaining to is when this fan stops working accompanied with burning smell and leaving the machine to sit useless.
  • Cleaning is the most common ‘con’ reported by people who rated this air fryer. Many have a lot of trouble cleaning the baskets, racks and trays. They complain on how easy the food sticks and how hard they had to scrub to get stuff of it specially of the parts which are hard to access.



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